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My involvement and love of horses started over 25 years ago. I have done many different disciplines from showing, to 4-H, to Rodeo Queening and trail rides. And although the majority of my experiences were with full sized horses, I have just started with miniatures in 2009,

they have stolen my heart and have become a passion for my little family. My 3 little girls, Kenzie (Age 7), Kayla (Age 4) and Kaycee (Age 10 months) have been a big part of my world and thankfully show the same love and passion for horses that I do. And while my husband, Casey, doesn't share this same passion, he has been very supportive in our hobbies and dreams.

My brother and sister started the mini craze in our family. Their's were so cute we just had to have one of our own! We started with a mare and her foal that were just going to be our pets. My girls began to show interest in showing and we realized just how versatile miniatures are. We never knew there were so many things you can do with them!! These little horses are addictive! We have found that minis are great for teaching kids all about the horse world. They are small enough not to intimidate small children but require all the same handling and care. We have done some showing and hope to become much more active in the years to come as my 3 little girls get a little older. My sister has introduced me to the world of carting, and I AM HOOKED! And amoungst many of our goals is to create a miniature horse therapy program. We are just starting our breeding program, and we will strive to produce quality, family friendly, registered miniatures with great confirmation, bloodlines and temperament, so that we can share our passion with the rest of the world! We are located in Moab, Utah which boasts some of the most beautiful surroundings and red rocks. All of our horses are AMHA registered with a few that are also AMHR and World Class. We are working on getting all of them double registered with both A and R registries. Our horses are well taken care of and well loved. They have become like a part of our family and are handled almost daily. If you have any comments or question please feel free to send us an email or visit our page on Facebook. ~The Johnston Family

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